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Makerspace for Inclusion

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Maker Education

to encourage young people, especially those who find themselves in a situation of disadvantage or exclusion, to re-activate themselves within society through engaging with the local community of makers.

Open Source Hardware

aiming to provide youth workers with the tools,  materials,  skills and competences for the young people they work with in the MakerSpace setting.

Setting up a makerspace

trough A MOOC Course providing knowledge on how to set up a one which is suitable for hosting young people.

Educational Resources

around how to create your own MakerEducation Hardware.

Hands-on activities

in mechanics, electronics and design with the help of common smartphones, graphic design softwares and cnc machines.

Project n° 2018-1-BE05-KA205-002425

The project aims to promote an informal form of education as a means to foster social inclusion of
young people, informal education as can be found within makerspaces. These provide an environment where youth can experiment, make, and tinker safely, securely and comfortably. Far
from being a reality open to a few selected people already sensitized to maker education and digital
technologies, makerspaces really tend to be inclusive and accessible to anyone, regardless their
level of competence and skills in the field of digital/traditional DIY, or their background. This is the
reason why makerspaces yield a number of benefits vi a vis youth. Activities involving youth and
taking place in makerspaces shall be conducive to young people developing a set of soft skills
contributing to their social and psychological re-engagement. In a makerspace setting, youth can
boost their self-confidence, foster a team work spirit, develop a sense of agency, ability to effectively
communicate thoughts and feelings, develop listening and cooperation skills, and the ability to
compromise, as well as creativity, persistence and social responsibility.

we are the

Over a period of two years, the project consortium will produce a set of open source educational resources on the topic of digital DIY and making. The M4Inclusion team will also be involved in a number of different public events around Maker and Digital culture, such as the Toulouse Mini Maker Faire, the Maker Faire Ghent and the YOMO Festival in Barcelona.