Coding & Electronics Workshop

Place: Festival in Castanet Tolosan
Date: March 2020
Organiser: Digijeunes


On March 5th and 6th 2020, Digijeunes participated to the Maths en scène Festival in Castanet Tolosan. This event about maths and science gathered hundreds of pupils from primary and secondary schools. On this occasion, Digijeunes ran a workshop about coding and electronics, focused on two educational supports prototyped under Makerspace 4 Inclusion, namely the RGB Led Butterfly and the might maker belt.


Place: Capitole du libre event, Toulouse.
Date: November  2019
Organiser: Digijeunes


On November 16th and 17th, 2019, Digijeunes participated to the Capitole du libre event, in Toulouse.
Capitole du libre is an annual gathering about the open source philosophy. Over two full days, a series of workshops, conferences and seminars open to everyone an free of charge take place at the ENSEEIHT (engineering school). 
Digijeunes ran a practical workshop on the snap circuits supports prototyped in the framework of makerspace4inclusion, to demonstrate how open source hardware can be hacked and transformed to produce original educational supports.