The Makerspace4Inclusion team met in Bucharest, Romania. The meeting took place at NOD Makerspace, which was a great opportunity for the partners to visit the space and better understand the maker community of Bucharest. Over the course of two days, the partners confirmed the project timeline, reviewed the project results and planned for upcoming activities at local level and online.

The project team formally welcomed some new members, notably Louis Tardy and Jeffrey Thielens from TimeLab.


Place: Convent de Sant Agusti , Barcelona
Date: Oct 2019
Organiser: Transit


The Makerspace4Inclusion team met once again, this time in Barcelona, Spain. The consortium caught up on their work on the intellectual outputs and shared the first results within the group. It was an opportunity to formally welcome some new team members, notably Bart Grugeon from Timelab and Chloe Souter from Digijeunes. 
The team re-confirmed the channels for dissemination of all tangible results they are about to release, they shared their feedback on the pilot tests they have been running in their local contexts, and laid down the roadmap for the second half of the project.


Place: Toulouse
Date: March 2019
Organiser: Digijieunes
Members of Nod Makerspace, Digijeunes, Transit, HorizonLab and Timelab gathered in Toulouse for the kick-off meeting of the Makerspace4Inclusion Project.
We discussed the technicalities of the intellectual outputs, we settled for a graphic identity and we chose some collaboration tools that would guide our future work. In Toulouse, we were hosted by the organization APSAR, an NGO providing after school clubs and extra-curricular activities in the Roseraie neighborhood.  
This venture promises to be an exciting journey into maker education and tinkering, an opportunity to exchange insights into non formal education as well as good practices across all participating organizations.