Panel discussion around inclusive maker education #1

What is the influence of digitalisation on inclusive maker education and how can we make inclusivity long term? Discover which tools and approaches the speakers of the first panel use. 

Panel discussion around inclusive maker education #2

What is the next step for inclusive maker education? How can we include more creativity, the perspective of the arts and an ecological perspective? Discover the inspiring stories of the panelists.

Methodology for educational maker activities and the multiplier effect

How can we introduce youth workers in an accessible way to a makerspace-like environment and maker activities? Discover how we set the multiplier effect in motion by developing a step-by-step methodology and clear instructables. 

Tools for recognition and validation

How can we recognise and validate the learning outcomes young people acquire in a makerspace-like environment? Discover our tools for recognition and validation.

How to make an inclusive makerspace Workshop

Step by step, the 7 tutorials summary about building a makerspace for everybody. 

Open source hardware and software for maker education

How can you create your own (open-source) maker education hardware and software? Discover our tutorials.

3D Printing & Graphic Design Workshop

As part of our pilot tests, we have been experimenting a new hands-on activity around 3D printing and graphic design. The 3D portrait activity goes beyond the 2D to 3D activity that has been created for Makerspace4Inclusion. It allows participants to manipulate their own photos and vectorize them to later obtain 3D solids.

Vectorial Drawing Workshop

The makerspace4inclusion team at Digijeunes presented a new diy machine at Michoun elementary school! 
The kids learnt about vectorial drawing, gcode; they challenged our horizontal plotter in a drawing competition to see whether man or machine is most efficient at reproducing a drawing. ….Machine won this time, but the kids are eager to improve their drawing skills and compete against our horizontal plotter next time!

Digital cutting Workshop

In Ghent, a group of teenagers at Timelab has explored laser cutting, 3D printing, vynil cutting to customize t-shirts and other gadgets. 

Online Workshops

All throughout the month of November, Digijunes and Transit experimented  a series of online workshops inspired by Makerspace4Inclusion. A group of catalan and french youth gathered on  wednesday evenings to tinker and enjoy a couple of hours of making.

Digital Art Workshop

In Toulouse, Digijeunes participated at the “Lumières sur le Quai” Festival, an event hosted by the Quai des Savoirs. We were able to engage the general public in drop-in activities around digital art, including a workshop on our vertical plotter.

Electronics Workshop

Place: Léguevin
Date: July 2020
Organiser: Digijeunes


This summer, we run some maker workshops at the leisure centre in Léguevin. Young makers were able to experiment a number of different builds around STEM and low-tech designs, for example an articulated grabber made of cardboard, a race circuit for marbles, or an interactive wooden toy. 

Coding & Electronics Workshop

Place: Festival in Castanet Tolosan
Date: March 2020
Organiser: Digijeunes


On March 5th and 6th 2020, Digijeunes participated to the Maths en scène Festival in Castanet Tolosan. This event about maths and science gathered hundreds of pupils from primary and secondary schools. On this occasion, Digijeunes ran a workshop about coding and electronics, focused on two educational supports prototyped under Makerspace 4 Inclusion, namely the RGB Led Butterfly and the might maker belt.


Place: Capitole du libre event, Toulouse.
Date: November  2019
Organiser: Digijeunes


On November 16th and 17th, 2019, Digijeunes participated to the Capitole du libre event, in Toulouse.
Capitole du libre is an annual gathering about the open source philosophy. Over two full days, a series of workshops, conferences and seminars open to everyone an free of charge take place at the ENSEEIHT (engineering school). 
Digijeunes ran a practical workshop on the snap circuits supports prototyped in the framework of makerspace4inclusion, to demonstrate how open source hardware can be hacked and transformed to produce original educational supports.